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Health Care Marketing and Personnel ltd was incorporated November 2004 and began operations in 2005. Initially providing health marketing services for health portfolios. Johnson and Johnson  became one of our first clients in 2005 , this relationship ended when the company closed their Jamaican operations in 2008.The company's name was changed January 2011 to Healthcare Marketing (Ja) Ltd.

Brystol Myers Scuibb BMS through Mead Johnson also form partnership with the company that spands several years for their infant nutrition line.Through their local partner, the company executed trade activities for Seven Seas multivitamins and Complan.



The Company has grown over the years and  currently shares its  understanding of the OTC and medical landscape, thus providing value added opportunities for international and local partners that are already in the business or seek to expand in the Jamaican Market. HCM has now expanded to include a medical device and diagnostics division.


The company now has two divisions, a Medical Marketing and a Diagnostics Device Division. HCM currently has a strong and aggressive marketing and sales team that comprise primarily of university candidates and graduates. A management team with over twenty years experience in the Pharmaceutical, OTC and medical industry in Jamaica and the Caribbean. "LEAN THINKING" is our overall corporate strategy that governs employees and other resources.

 HCM has hired several pharmaceutical students over the past six years in our quest to be a good corporate citizen. The entrance into the medical diagnostics market is fueled by premium international brands providing the best quality for consumers at a cost that considers the time. 

There is no doubt the company is on a growth path and is now actively executing its long term objectives. 


As a part of its social marketing campaign, the company became very concerned about hand hygiene for kids in 2006. With the  increase in Cold and flu related complications that resulted in lost school days -The  "Jamaican Clean Hands" project  was born in 2007 with the Assistance of the Chase Fund. This became a  Public /Private initiative. 


 This project will be relaunched in 2016- 2017:

  iWASH Jamaica

iWASH campaign for kids to encourage clean hands in schools!  


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The future of Health  by Microsoft.. will you be there?





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