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Here goes!

With the advent of the data and digital age..older more traditional companies face the risk of being obsolete within the very near future. 
Are large marketing and distribution companies accepting the changes thrust upon us by a generation of online consumers?
What changes will become necessary for these dated companies and their primordial way of doing business. What companies will rise from the dust of the digital, social media ruling, online revolution!
How long will it take for traditional non-conforming businesses to wake up to the paradigm shift and who will rise when the social media dust has settled?
The world is now truly very small as we have a mix of business partners from Germany to China to the United States and
Ecuador. With the advent of Google and electronic muzle translator... today  I will be able to communicate in Spanish, Chinese, French and English.
Adjust we must ...but how much...your thoughts?




調整我們必須 … … 但是多少 … … 你的想法嗎? Ajuster nous devons.. .mais combien… vos pensées ?