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You can now safely recommend a high quality Hcg pregnancy test kit for a very  good price. They are :-



  · FAST 


Has  Tag for Patient’s name —Lab (setting)





WONDFO Pregnancy test kits are now available on the Jamaican Market!

 These kits are now very relevant, as with the high cost of most items and the reduction in the disposable income of the average consumer a pregnancy test kit that  retails for a little over  $100.00 is in demand. (Recommended retail) 

WONDFO ISO9001 Certified products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.





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Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone, produced by the developing placenta shortly after the conception and secreted into the urine. The pregnancy test contains antibodies which specifically react with this hormone. When specimen is dropped into cassette, capillary action carries the specimen to migrate along the membrane. When HCG  in the specimen reaches the test zone region of the membrane, it will form a color line. Absence of this line indicates a negative result. To serve as a procedure control, a colour line will appear at the control or C zone region , if the test has been performed properly.




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